уторак, 22. март 2022.


  **** All doll dioramas are hand made by me 😉 ****

Still upset because of last night and her Ex's texting, Natasha went to Constantine, dressed only in sexy red underwear and white fur coat 😉😉😍🔥🔥...CONSTANTINE: Ohh, this is...such a wonderful surprise 😍🥰 ...what happened, you look nervous? 

NATASHA: True...but you can cure me. I want you...now. 💋❣

ALEX: Hi, Annie, it's Alex...good that you are not at homeand I can talk to machine 😁🤪! I was thinking...I would like to see you...not as a date🤥🙈😆, just to talk...you know...have some fun, to let you know me better. What do you think about this? 😬 Call me, even if the answer is NO 😬😋

ANNIE: Hi. I am at home, but I was taking a shower, so... as first, don't ask me what am I wearing right now 😆😆 ALEX: Uhhh, nothing is easy with you, right😅😅? ANNIE: I had to call you back, since my answer is....NO...😁😆😆... I wouldn't mind to see you. ALEX: You make me sweat 😅😅🤣 Tomorrow evening? ANNIE: OK. But, have one condition: you must tell me what happened in that hotel room before I find you, PUMA guy 😁 ALEX: Are you serious😳🙄🤪?!! ANNIE: Well...heard few versions in hotel, so it will be nice to hear the true from the main protagonist of the story 😆😆😁 ALEX: Hotel versions 😳🙄😅😅? Uhhh....well...looks like I have no choice...OK. See you tomorrow....but I have questions too 😉😁 


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