недеља, 13. март 2022.


 **** All doll dioramas are hand made by me 😉 ****

Natasha just finished her chat with Constantine and suddenly...message from her ex jumped out: I MISS YOU...WANT TO SEE YOU. What?! 😳😳 I am not free and you are with that blonde🤨🙄...You have trust issues, thought that I am not honest with you🤨😠; I hate this and you know it😡!!! I KNOW...TRUE🤔...BUT I MISS YOU...YOUR HUMOR, YOUR TALENTS, YOUR PASSION...SHE IS SO EMPTY AND BORING COMPARED TO YOU. It's 01:00 AM, please don' t send me messages... I don't want to make some new mess in my life, good night. Speak with her....and don't bother me again or I will block you.

ALEX: So, what do you think about Annie?

 CONSTANTINE: I like her, Natasha too...she is so full of life and funny 😊 So, don't make a mess again, she is great and also have a daughter...be serious or don't try anything at all, if you ask me 🤔

ALEX: I know...and I won't, not this time ✋🤞 Maybe we will be just friends, but think the same🤔

After the texting from her Ex, Natasha was restless and she couldn't fall asleep immediately🙄🥴 So, when she finally made it, she had a very strange dream about someone who is just a friend 🤭🤫...in fact, not too strange if you think twice🤔🤫? Maybe he was on the same dream frequency that night, who knows....there was always some nice chemistry between them, but never something more than friendship 🤫 


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