понедељак, 20. децембар 2021.


**** All doll dioramas are hand made by me 😉 ****

ANNIE: Here we go, pretty boy, you are now free to go😜😁😆 

ALEX: Thank you...well...sorry for being mean🤔🙄, I was upset...I am not so bad as it looks like. What's your name? I am Alex. 

ANNIE: Annie...it's OK. I see and hear a lot of 💩 working here 🤪😆 every day. 

ALEX: Well, Annie, since you don't want a tip from me, please take this champagne bottle 😬....reminds me on my - I hope the last one - stupidity🤪😬🤥🙄

ANNIE: Well, Alex...you look nice even when you are dressed 😆, but - no, thanks!!! I am divorced mom with a teenage daughter without any support from my ex, have two jobs and live very serious life...champagne could disarrange my lifestyle right now 🤪😆😆 Save it for some of those skinny, lazy girls you probably like 😜 Good bye and good luck, dear 😉😁 

ALEX: ...and so, my friend, this story with sisters was something I really could avoid, but I was pissed since Nina left me, wanted revenge and...idiot 🙄🙄😬!!! Made a mess of my private life... I want to change this, and I will 🤔☝️! CONSTANTINE: I agree. But this champagne bottle from the "crime scene" 🤣🤣..😁😁...why you keep it here? ALEX: Reminds me...on her. That room-made Annie. I think of her all the time 😋😌 


субота, 4. децембар 2021.


So, Nina had something in mind and because of that, she needed to act as she wants to play some special game with Alex. Suddenly, she just stopped and bathroom doors opened.

NINA: ...and now, my dear Alex, I got one more surprise for you 😁😁😅 ALEX: Ugh...what a f..k?! 😳😳 SONYA: How could you do something like this🥺?! My sister...and you know her so long? 🥺🥺 ALEX: I can explain...😒 

P.S. All except chair and lamp is hand made by me. 

NINA: Well, honey, we must go now 😁, I got a plane to catch! ALEX: Hey, you can't leave me here like this, are you both crazy?! 😳😳😫😡😡 SONYA: Well...room-maid comes tomorrow morning, get some sleep until then to look pretty😂, your champagne bottle is unopened and ...who knows, maybe you'll get more lucky with her 😆😆! Good bye, loverboy 😉😜😁 

So, Alex spent an interesting night in this hotel room, waiting for the morning to come and maybe somebody to help him 😆😆

Finally, room-made came up......

ANNIE: Oh, my God...good morning, mister 😆! Sorry, didn't know that you are still here 🤣 ALEX: Yeah, very funny 🤨😒🤪 ...what are you, some stand-up comedian, temporary working as a room-made🤨? ANNIE: Well, at least I am earning my money on easier way than you...Sir 🤣🤣! Anyway...Don't worry, you are not my type...😄 I will untie you. 

 P.S. Doll clothing and all furniture except the lamp and chair are hand made by me 😊 


уторак, 30. новембар 2021.


And so, the awful true came out .....

NINA: Well, this is too much, even for me!!! Don't cry, dear, I have an idea .....just follow me.SONYA: This is a nightmare....I trust you, sister, just do what you think it's the best to do right now; I'm so shocked that I can't think....my God.....😩😩"Hi, Alex, it's Nina...you know...I am going back to Europe in two days and I thought...🤔...I would like to see you, to say goodbye 🤫...Same hotel, same time, same room...day after tomorrow? 😏 See you...bye!"NINA: He will come. Be brave 🤨; you'll come with me. 

So, two days later....

Alex came to Nina's hotel room, full of expectations 😁😉"Nina, dear, it's me...Alex 😜😋...look what I got 🍾!" Alex came to see Nina, as they arranged over the phone 2 days before. This will be something to remember 😁😅😆 ....even more than he can imagine 😆

ALEX: Heeey, you are crazier than usual...😛🔥🔥 NINA: Forget the champagne and all empty talks, Alex!🤫In few hours, I'll be on my flight to Europe and maybe we will never meet again, so...let's go straight to bed 🔥🔥 I want you to remember this forever 💋🔥


недеља, 28. новембар 2021.


After his mysterious business trip, Alex came to see Sonya....everything looks normal, she can feel all that chemistry and passion, but Alex is still not very talkative and this makes Sonya feel very insecure.

SONYA: I always have a great time with you and all this...but, I feel restless 😟! 

ALEX: Well, dear....I told you from the start that I can't talk about everything with any woman. Do you say everything to me? Of course not....

SONYA: I got nothing to hide....you can ask what you want. But, after few months of our dating, I know that something's going on, so tell me or go...and don't call me again."

Tomorrow morning, Sonya woke up and didn't find Alex beside her....he just left and didn't call her since then. Desperate, that evening she went to see his best friend Constantine in his dance studio.

Constantine was there with his girlfriend Natasha.

SONYA: I told him to explain me what's going on or to leave...and he left, just like that 😣😩...without a word! NATASHA: Don't cry, Sonya, he doesn't deserve your tears 😒😔... CONSTANTINE: I know that he's acting like j..k, but...you know...he wasn't always like this 🤔😐...Two years ago That Girl left him and, since then, he is bad with girls 😐🙄 

All this with Alex makes her feel so bad 😩....maybe it's better to have some fun and some nice company when she is so sad? Of course; she will call her twin-sister Nina to come to visit her for couple of days; she always knew how to make her feel better and she was always the stronger one when it comes to men... 💕 

SONYA: And what about you, sis? Are you seeing someone interesting? 😊

NINA: Men? I don't want anything serious...well, not yet 🤪. Met last week someone I was dating 2 years ago, but I left him because he wanted serious relationship, and you know me 🤔😜...hate this! Few drinks more and Alex and I ....🔥🔥SONYA: Did you say - Alex?! 😳 😳



четвртак, 25. новембар 2021.


This is Natasha, Constantine's girlfriend.

She is a painter and before they become lovers, they were friends for couple of years.

In love,we all know, one of the most important things is timing! Even when people are having a great time together, if it's bad timing 😒....it can spoil everything in advance or, because of that, nothing happens because two people simply live lives in two different directions.

So, Natasha was single after her bad breakup with her ex boyfriend, Constantine was single after couple of bad and unimportant relationships and everything happened spontaneous.

Constantine and Natasha were dancing tango in his dance studio, tryin' to forget all stress and everyday problems, and they felt that between them is something more than just a friendship 😊🥰💞 

Tango is a passion that is danced 🔥🔥 and so....passion came by nature. 

Two artistic souls, long friendship above all and a good timing....what do you need more to seriously fall in love?

NATASHA: I will do my best to make this work, I am so tired of disappointments....

CONSTANTINE: Me too....I promise you the same. You are the perfect one for me.


понедељак, 22. новембар 2021.



So, Alex went on that mysterious business trip to meet a girl called Nina...and who is Nina?

She was his girlfriend couple of years ago and, two years ago she just left, sending only a message that she isn't "that kind of a girl to need some serious relationship" 😕 Alex really liked her and this...well...was very bad period for him.

Since then, he is properly mean with all women, but still don't want to admit that Nina was the main reason for it; not his bad character or something like this 😕

Now, in this hotel room, he is acting that everything is OK as nothing bad happened between them. 

NINA: "What's bothering you, Alex, you are....well...acting different than usual?" 🤔 ALEX: "Oh, got nothing to do with you, Nina...but can't talk about this right now."

So, after some talk, nice dinner and few drinks too much, they had a passionate night, just as it used to be when they were dating......but, this time, Alex was The Bad One, pretending that he is totally honest and that is here just to have some good time.

Nina was always like that, easy-going about everything, and also when it comes to sex......Well, she is not 100% Bad Girl type, but also isn't the good one....today is here, tomorrow - who knows!

Alex always thought that it wouldn't be all so bad if she were honest about that when they started dating, but.......well....that's Nina. Doesn't care too much if she will hurt someone 😏

Tomorrow, they will go separate ways and all they have is this night......

Two days later, Alex went to visit his best friend Constantine.

And yessss........Nina and Sonya have the same pretty faces and red hair since they are twin-sisters!

Of course, they don't have a clue what's happening and Alex....well....wanted some adventure? Revenge?

Maybe 2 in 1 💣💥😀........but, now........

ALEX: I'm in such a mess...I am sleeping with twin sisters !!!😬They don't know what is going on, of course, but...🤥🙄...don't know what to do now. I like Sonya, but Nina is so crazy and seductive and when I saw her again... 

CONSTANTINE: You are such an idiot! F..k 😡 What was you thinking about?!! And you didn't just saw her....you WENT THERE, 100 miles away, to see her and......oh, God! What a mess....

ALEX: I know, I know......I must stop with this as soon as possible.......this is too much, even for me 🙈🙈


субота, 20. новембар 2021.



SONYA: Alex, I can feel that you are hiding something important from me....do you want to talk about this?

ALEX: Oh, it's nothing....I am having a great time with you, but I must go on one important business trip and don't know how long I'll be there...

SONYA: Where is that "there"?

ALEX: We just met, I am not that type to tell everything about myself after few dates....I will call you. You didn't tell me if you like the way I cook 😉😉?

SONYA: Everything is perfect....even too good to be true....

Aaaand......this is Constantine, he is Alex's best friend.

He is a professional dancer and owner of a small dance studio. One of the main characters in my doll soap-opera too, but right now just posting this picture, where he is posing in front of my drawing "Miraculous Hat" 😉 

ALEX: Hi, dear...yeah, I know that this is surprise, but I also know that you always like to see me 😉😜

I will be in your city next couple of days and we could have some fun, like in good old days.....OK?

OK, I will call you...same place, as usual? Great! Can't wait to see you 💞🔥

Yes, he liked her, even too much....Nina is hot, but also never wanted to be in some serious relationship and she broke his heart two years ago, leaving him just like that....

Well, this game is not fair at all, specially to Sonya, but you can't be hurt when you don't know what's going on, right? 😜



  Hi there! Well....since my Instagram profile is not always reliable 😕, I decided to start posting here too my doll soap-opera story 😊!!! Sorry that it will be only on English, but...well....my Instagram stories are only on English too and I hope that you will forgive me that I will do the same thing here 🙏 I am simply too busy to do all this on few languages, but today we all have online translations, so - please, use it if it's necessary and enjoy in my stories as well as if  they are written on your mother language 😊💓 Pictures, story and doll dioramas are all (hand) made by me and I really hope that you will like this all as much as I enjoy when I work on it 😊.

And now, let's start.....As the time will go by, I will introduce you all my characters step by step and hope that you will have fun reading this.

1 - This handsome guy is Alex...I think that he will broke some 💘💘 of my dolls, hmmm? 

2 -Sonya was on one small private party last night and there was this guy...oh, my God, he is so handsome 😍🤩!!! He will probably break her , but who knows...she is ready to take a risk. She heard from some friends at the party that this guy Alex is famous heartbreaker, but she didn't felt so much chemistry since...God knows when!!!  Life is too short, who cares about tomorrow...

3 - As the time goes by, Sonya's love affair with Alex is getting warmer 🔥🔥...but, he don't talks about himself at all 🙄🤔. At least, he is not married or engaged, she checked this out with some friends 😆😅... that's something good to know for a start.

4 - ALEX: I will cook some dinner, come after work. 😉😜 No masks needed when Alex cooks 😆 But, who will come to dinner🤔🤫? Is it Sonya or some other girl? He is a real player and known as a real heartbreaker......