среда, 27. април 2022.


ANNIE: Lisa, mama is going out, so...be nice and listen to your aunt, have some fun and then go to sleep when she tells you because mama will come home a bit late, OK?LISA: Oh, mama, you look so nice...if he will not like you, he is blind or stupid 😛😁 ANNIE: Lisa, don't talk like that...he is just a friend! Anyway...you are too small to understand this 🤫🙂LISA: I am not a kid, I am 10 years old 😊💪😊 !!! 

ANNIE: You are funny, didn't expect that...can I call you Puma😁? In fact, that's the name I gave you in my cellphone 😉😆ALEX: Yeah, why not, you make me laugh too 😄 Anyway, who is taking care of your daughter right now? Some nanny? ANNIE: My sister...now you know that I have sister too 😅🤣🤣...and she is skinny, your type, not like me plus-sized 😉😁

ALEX: I like your pluses and don't care how your sister looks...but it's OK to tease me, I deserved it 😆😆🤪

ALEX: Well, since we finished here, I would like to show you where I live, it's not far from here 😋😊 ANNIE: OK, just don't try anything stupid, I know karate 🤣🤣!!! ALEX: Don't worry, I remembered when you told me that I am not your type 😆😆😜 Anyway....promised to tell you what happened in that hotel room and I don't want to talk about this here 🤪😋 We can watch some movie and chat, OK? ANNIE: Sounds nice. Let's go 😊❣ 


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