понедељак, 23. мај 2022.


   **** All doll dioramas are hand made by me 😉 ****

ALEX: You can wash your hands here...towel is clean 😊 ANNIE: Such a great bathroom, cool style 😊! ALEX: Thank you, but it is mostly Natasha's credit 😁; she find me this place and helped me by decorating almost everything...she is very talented👍🙂! ANNIE: Sounds as you could easily fall in love with her too 😅😄😄 ALEX: 😆😆At that time she was with her Ex and Constantine's best female friend...As you know, they fall in love and...well...I like her more as a friend🙂! Sometimes it's better to be a good friend than a bad boyfriend 😉 ANNIE: I think that the same goes for us too...🤔🙂 

ALEX: ...and so, this is that famous story about my affairs with twin sisters 🤪 Nina dumped me, just like that, I wanted revenge and Sonya...I liked her, but she was love-collateral damage 🤔😏 I was bad. Maybe I will be bad again, who knows, but girls can be very bad too, not only men 🙄🤔. ANNIE: But your taste is soo good 🤩...great place, you like good movies, good music...😊😊! And this guitar? Can you play something? Because...I can sing 😁 That's my main job. I work in hotel to pay my bills easier; life is not easy for single moms🤫🙃

ALEX: I am not brilliant, but also not bad at all...what do you want me to play? 


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